Special announcement from ESVC!

Tonight we updated the website to use this photo on the top of the page. At the beginning of summer we started out with one committed player and now were at seven verbally committed for 2021.  Were not done yet, we still have a few more very talented girls who are in the process of narrowing down their dream school.  Stay posted for more good news to come.  Here’s a couple photos from this year’s BVCA and last years CBVA Cal Cup with the players status for both!

If your interested in playing beach volleyball in college there are a few things you need to consider. Call for a free consultation to figure out if ESVC can help you with this journey.  Everyone knows to video all games and make one short  high light video.  Make sure you have someone to represent you through the process from start to finish.  Be relentless and don’t stop asking questions.  This is the biggest decision a family can make so be sure to compare any and all options.  You never know, the one option you might think you’ll never consider might end up being the best.  Be open to traveling and doing different camps, clinics and tournaments because things won’t happen if you wait.

From left to right: MayaMay Brown, Lauren Bays (Washington), Ella Driebholz (Cal Berkeley), Kevyn Clark, Madeline Bonanni, Daron Forbes (ESVC Director), Eden McCoy (USC), Natalie Myszkowski (USC), Serena Ramirez (Arizona), Kaylee Jones, Ava Guerra (Tulane).

From left to right: Daron Forbes (ESVC Director), Ava Guerra (Tulane), Ella Dreibholz (Cal Berkeley), Natalie Myszkowski (USC), Ava Kirunchyk (USC), Eden Mc Coy (USC), Tatiana Rusich (USC), Colby Bennett (USC/MBSand)

It was one year ago standing here with this talented group of young athletes and all looking for their dream school.  In less than one year I am happy to say they have all found their dream schools.  Congrats everyone!