ESVC Committed Players

College recruiting services are another part of the ESVC. We can help make the connection between what many colleges need for a given year, and what players are available for that year. While no one can promise to get you in wherever you want, we can help get your foot in the door where openings exist for your specific strengths.

Prior planning is a must, and we can help you prepare properly the first time. Training with our beach club also adds another level of credibility to our ability to speak for you. This is optional of course, but truly helps when the time comes.

Get in touch with club director Daron Forbes for details at or 310-547-7486

ESVC committed players – congrats everyone!

Ashley Schroeder committed to Oregon for 2021

Kaylee Jones committed to Long Beach State for 2021

Olivia Duhon committed to Stephen F. Austin University for 2021

True Dupler committed to Cal State Northridge for 2020

Sydney Irwin committed to Vanguard University for 2019

Leah Black committed to Long Beach State for 2019

Tatiana Rusich committed to USC for 2021

Ava Kirunchyk committed to USC for 2021

Serena Ramirez committed to Arizona for 2021

Ava Guerra committed to Tulane for 2021

Ella Dreibholz committed to Cal Berkeley  for 2021

Natalie Myszkowski committed to USC for 2021


Zoe Almanza committed to Oregon for 2019


Katherine Hofmann committed to TCU for 2018


Karina Myszkowski committed to USC for 2018


Lauren Lanesey committed to Cal State Long Beach 2018


Tabitha Keever committed to ASU 2018


Georgia Kobel committed to Arizona State 2018