ESVC Fall of 2018/2019

We hope everyone had a great summer.  We had lots of success with getting players committed.  If you’re interested in our recruiting services this will require a call so we can talk about what I do to help you through this process. A Big congrats to the following ESVC players who got committed this past summer:

Eden McCoy-USC

Natalie Myszkowski-USC

Ella Dreibholz-Cal State Berkeley

Ava Guerra-Tulane

Ava Kirunchyk-USC

Serena Ramirez-Arizona

Fall Schedule

ESVC is year round and starting this coming Tuesday August 28th we are back to our fall schedule of Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-6pm.  In November times will be adjusted for daylight savings. Please let us know if you are planning on attending this coming week.  We have had a lot of calls and want to make sure we have enough coaches.

Advance notice is required for training so we know how many coaches to have.  We pride our club on having the lowest coach to player ratio with on average 6 players per court with one coach and no more than 8 players per court.  This allows for players to get more touches and improve at a faster rate.

ESVC will be playing in the Juniors Club High School Series. This is our chance to compete as a club and be crowned “Best Beach Club”.  You can sign up on your own at the JBCL website. So grab your partner and get signed up for the next event on 9/2. I’ll be working with everyone to establish teams.  If you already know who your partner is, get signed up now.

  • Find your partner
  • Get signed up
  • If you do not already know, please check with me for your club league division
  • Wear your club gear


If you are a high school player in the recruiting process, camps or clinics with college coaches come first.

The sooner I know who is playing, the sooner I can lock in the top coaches for ESVC players at each event.

The next BVNE College Recruiting Showcase is October 21st in Santa Monica.  ESVC players should wear a Kauai Bikini top with last name so coaches know who you are and what club your with. We still have a few KB sports tops, and you can also order an ESVC shirt customized with your name on the back on our website, just pick out a shirt and click the “Adjust design” button to add your name and grad year to the back of the shirt.

Link to register for the BVNE College Recruiting Showcase: Register here


Again this year we will be using Lululemon for our uniforms. Please review the styles available and get your orders back to us before Sunday September 2nd. Quantities are limited so it’s better if we can get this done earlier in the week.Please review the order sheet here

Happy Volleyball!